Of Interest to Realtors

Blackstone is a realtor friendly company and has long standing relationships with many realtors across Canada.

If you have an incorporated, corporation or limited company farm for sale, we’d like to talk to you. As Canada’s largest buyer of farm companies, we buy farms on an ongoing basis and can be a great source of repeat business for you.

We have the financial resources to purchase farms of any size and can complete transactions on whatever timelines work for your Vendors. Because we don’t necessarily need all of the farm’s assets within a company, we can accommodate situations where a Vendor may wish to retain certain assets or where there is a third party buyer wishing to buy company assets.

Blackstone has purchased farm companies in most areas of Canada and with most types of quota. We are familiar with quota transfers and can work with the requirements of most quota boards.

As Canada’s largest buyer of farming companies, Blackstone often has land, land/buildings or quota for sale. We are a good source of listing for assets that we are selling.