Is Blackstone a possible fit to buy my farm?

Blackstone's interest in farming corporations extends to all types of Canadian farming Companies including:

Dairy farms, poultry farms, cattle ranches, feedlots, quota only corporations, nurseries, greenhouses, mixed-use farms and processing plants.

Blackstone seeks to purchase incorporated farming corporations with an asset value of no less than $1 million.

The value of your farming assets (including quota, if applicable) must have increased significantly in value since you purchased them.

Take a moment to answer these questions and see if Blackstone can benefit you.

Do you own shares in an incorporated farming operation? Yes
Does this operation have a total value of at least $1 million? Yes
Has the value of your farming assets (including quota) increased significantly in value since you purchased them? Yes

If you answered "yes" to these 3 questions, please continue and answer the following questions to assist us in determining if you meet the initial requirements in order for Blackstone to buy the shares of your farming Company.

What Province is your farming operation located in?
When was your farming operation incorporated?
What is the approximate value of your entire corporation (including quota)?
Are you planning to exit farming?
If “Yes” when do you think you will make this change?
Have you ever heard of Blackstone Farm Financial?
If "Yes", where did you hear about Blackstone?

If "Other", please explain.

Would you like a member of the Blackstone team to contact you to give you more information or explain to you how to proceed from here if you are interested in selling your shares to Blackstone?

Yes No

How do you prefer we contact you?

Telephone Email

Please enter your telephone number?

Or email address?

If you have any specific questions you would like answered or you have comments, please let us know.