Benefits of a Transaction with Blackstone

Blackstone will purchase the shares of your qualifying Canadian farming corporation which ensures that you can make use of your most powerful tax saving tool - your $750,000 capital gains tax free benefit. Our purchasing structure allows you to pay less tax.

  • Blackstone's purchase program ensures that you retain whatever components of your farming operation that you desire like your family home, or certain machinery or vehicles. We’re flexible.

  • You can tailor make the deal to best suit you and your family's needs. Do you want to close on the sale immediately, or wait a few months? Keep your family home or vehicle, or sell the quota only. All you need to do is say so.

  • Our purchase program does not involve complicated tax deferred or sale scenarios that take several years to complete in order to achieve tax savings.

You have a fast, flexible, hassle free sale to us.

You save money by working directly with Blackstone's professional team of advisors.

You can receive all CASH on closing!